Rental Testimonials:
What in the world are you doing all the way out in Lenanon, NH? How are you supposed to find a car that can get you where you need to be? Oh, you have 2 kids with you, one who needs an infant car seat and no way to get to the rental car place from the bus stop.

Oh, there's North Country Auto Rental.

I've rented cars before. Enough times to know who is just "renting a car" and who is going out of their way to not just rent you a car, but help your trip be as painless as possible. Well that's what NCAR provided.

First, they picked us all up at the Dartmouth bus stop. Delivered us to our car, sent us on our way quickly and oh yea, drop off? Oh just park it at the bus stop - we'll get it later.

Brilliance. Sheer brilliance.

You EVER need a car for a few days or weeks - these are your peeps.

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you again for the terrific treatment by North Country Auto and Rental. Your help really made my move go much smoother than it otherwise would have.

Best Regards,
-- Jason

Emergency Assistance.
My children and I broke down outside of White River Jct. on the Sat. of the labor day weekend. Once at a hotel I used the Yellow Pages to find a Rental car to get us home to New York. I was hopefull when an actual voice answered the phone and hot just another answering machine. Dan of North Country delivered a car to our hotel at 8:30 at night on a Sat. Holiday weekend!!!! Talk aQout going the extra mile, I was blown away by their willingness to help out a family in distress. I can not thank North Country enough for their kindness. It helped me feel great to be able to get my family home safely. I appreciate North Country being there for us.
-- Kerri

Car Service Testimonials:
Great service, always on time and courteous.

I had a great experience with North Country on a recent trip from Lebanon Airport to Okemo Mountain. Reservation was easy and the staff helpful and informative. The driver was professional and courteous, the car clean and comfortable. No complaints!

Just back from my honeymoon and wanted to let you know how pleased my wife and I were with your company which we used for our wedding.

Thank you so very much! The driver was awesome !

Thank you again!
-- Paul

I hate to sound like a "groupie", but I am so completely impressed by your service and company that I feel compelled to write you yet
another "fan letter".

I had an associate of mine who call and ask the name of the car service I used and what I thought of them. 45 minutes later I'm sure
he was sorry he didn't just ask £or a phone number. I kept bringing up several words to describe you. Professional, courteous, flexible
and completely reliable. I don't know what more you could ask for.

Once again, you don't disappoint in any way.

The other thing that truly impresses me is the quality of the drivers. I can never remember his name, David? (he drove me today and
twice in the past) Is excellent and presents an image that is outstanding.

I normally just want to be left alone, work or sleep. I find with him I look forward to a stimulating conversation. The man can talk intelligently on everything from micro economics to current events to ... you name it! That is so unique and refreshing compared to services I've used in other cities where all they can or care to talk about is sports (which I hate discussing). He makes the trip so much more enjoyable!

Please keep up the great work. I am thrilled I stumbled on your company.

I have a work unit that is going to keep me in the UV for a month or two. After that I think the trips to DC are going to start to become
much more frequent. You will be the second contact I make after the airlines.

I'll try and refrain from my continual fan mails, since I think you get the idea how impressed I am, but please keep up the great work!!
-- Kurt